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     No tours planned right now, just enjoying life. I led my final tour to Trinidad & Tobago in January 2018, my 94th to that country. If you’d like to read the trip report, click here.

     Since then, April and I have visited Morocco, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Ecuador (the Andes Mountains and the Galapagos). Upcoming travel includes Belize, Galapagos (my daughter and me), and Oregon, Washington, and Alaska (Nome and Barrow).

Your tour leaders

Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy: Veteran T&T birding tour guide, author of A Birdwatchers’ Guide to Trinidad & Tobago

Wes Homoya

Wes Homoya: Professional birding tour guide with Tropical Birding, experience on three continents

Keith mentioned, and you certainly can use this comment and any others that we’ve made, that is was the best trip of his life. Now that is saying something. People can’t believe he is making such a strong statement about the trip, but nonetheless that’s exactly what he has said. Thanks again
Judy A.Arizona