Upcoming Tours

I led my final tour to Trinidad & Tobago in January 2018, my 94th to that country. If you’d like to read the trip report, click here. I have no further commercial birding tours planned at this time, but I would be happy to recommend some if you’re looking.

Since leading the tour mentioned above, April and I have visited Morocco, Spain, Italy, Greece, Ecuador (the eastern Andes Mountains and the Galapagos Islands), and Belize. My daughter and I recently visited the Galapagos. Until the coronavirus appeared, April and I had planned to bird with friends and to visit people in Oregon (Malheur NWR), Washington, and Alaska (Nome and Barrow). But now, like much of the world, we are under a statewide lockdown until the coronavirus runs its course. Well, there’s no place like home!

We hope you stay healthy, that wash your hands frequently, and if you live in the USA, that you awaken on November 4 with a mentally stable president elect.

Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy: Veteran T&T birding tour guide, author of A Birdwatchers’ Guide to Trinidad & Tobago

I never did tell you how much I admire your grammar. I have rarely been around anyone for a prolonged period of time who spoke as precisely and correctly (and informatively, I might add) as you. It was a definite pleasure to have accompanied you to Trinidad and Tobago. I get a thrill just thinking about my lifetime supply of Red-billed Tropicbirds!
Bernice J.Texas