About Trinidad Birding

We specialize in Trinidad & Tobago birding

In the early 1980s, American naturalist Bill Murphy fell in love with Trinidad & Tobago and decided to make it his primary birding area. After spending considerable time there, in 1986 he published A Birder’s Guide to Trinidad & Tobago. Now in its third edition, that book currently is published in the UK by Prion Ltd. The Birder’s Guide helped spread the word that T&T is a fabulous birding destination. Bill has led nearly 100 birding tours to T&T, far more than any other naturalist. With more than 470 species found to date in an astonishing variety of habitats, T&T is still his favorite place to bird.

About a decade ago, Bill joined forces with Trinidad resident Martyn Kenefick, Chair of the T&T Bird Status and Distribution Committee and coauthor of the Field Guide to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago. Quite literally, Bill and Martyn wrote the books on birding in T&T. Each of them has led scores of international birding tours, and both are unabashedly thrilled to guide birding tours. Trinidad Birding participants enjoy some of the finest birding on earth, in part because Bill and Martyn detect many species by vocalization, often the sole way to identify secretive species, and they also know exactly where to find tough species, a key factor in adding those ‘lifers’ to bird lists.

Trinidad Birding offers more than just “cookie-cutter” tours

In addition to showing you the birds of T&T, on Trinidad Birding tours we strive to share our deep knowledge of all areas of natural history as well as local culture. We’re very sensitive to the fact that most birders visit T&T only once. Visits too often are led by general naturalists who are themselves visitors to T&T. Martyn and Bill have been tromping around the islands for decades and know them intimately. They go to great lengths to keep their expertise current and to ensure that your trip is as satisfying as possible. Trinidad Birding tours often visit productive locations unknown to other birding groups. We constantly tweak our itineraries to take quick advantage of special opportunities. In a nutshell, we think that Trinidad Birding tours provide the best possible T&T birding and natural history experiences available. Our goal is to send you home not only with a long list of birds but also with a comprehensive knowledge of these magical islands.

We offer competitively priced, fully guided T&T birding tours

Because we base our operations in Trinidad, we have current, personal knowledge of the accommodations, destinations, local guides, and all other aspects of the tour environment. We stay at the very best, most secluded lodges.

We offer the highest quality T&T birding tours

We offer the only birding tours to T&T endorsed by the American Birding Association (ABA). In endorsing our tours, the ABA recognizes Trinidad Birding’s

  • track record of high quality birding tours
  • exceptional ability to find and identify birds
  • sincere effort to help every person in a group get a good look at each bird by calling out field marks on flying birds and helping participants improve their field birding skills and overall knowledge of birds
  • putting the interests of the birds first, those of the participants second, and ourselves last, and
  • enforcing birding etiquette throughout our trips and helping participants minimize their impact as they bird in sensitive natural areas.
We avidly promote ecotourism in T&T

On Trinidad Birding tours we contribute directly to the local economy wherever possible. We support local conservation efforts such as Environment Tobago. We maintain active membership in and serve on committees of the T&T Field Naturalists Club. We belong to international organizations such as the Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds. We make every effort to continually demonstrate to T&T residents that conserving birds and their habitats is good for the T&T economy. We thus endeavor to pass on to future generations of birders the same high level of birding that we now enjoy.

If you would enjoy birding with a select group of your friends, please ask us about crafting a tour especially for you and your group.