Trinidad and Tobago Asa Wright Nature Centre Trinidad
The Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge

The Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge (AWNC) is located in Trinidad's Northern Range at an elevation of 1,200 feet. Formerly a cocoa-coffee-citrus plantation, AWNC is now a wildlife sanctuary, clothed mostly in secondary forest largely surrounded by impressive climax Trinidad and Tobago Veranda at Asa Wright Nature Centre Trinidad rainforest. For more than four decades this important study area, home to one of the world's most accessible nesting colony of nocturnal Oilbirds, has hosted thousands of visitors from throughout the world. Several miles of trails offer spectacular birding opportunities. High on your list of priorities will be an early morning visit to the veranda, where the hummingbird feeders present a blurred frenzy of Copper-rumped Hummingbirds, White-chested Emeralds, White-necked Jacobins, and Blue-chinned Sapphires. Below them, fruit-filled feeders attract half a dozen species of tanagers, banana-loving Crested Oropendolas, stealthy Great Antshrikes, powerful Chestnut Woodpeckers, and dazzling Purple and Green Honeycreepers. This astounding array of sights and sounds, together with your freshly brewed AWNC coffee, will get you off to a great start each morning.

Our bird walks at AWNC will include the half-mile entrance drive, many of the well maintained trails, and a foray through primeval rainforest to a magnificent grotto that hosts the colony of Oilbirds. Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls are possible anytime, while after dark we will seek Common Pauraque, Tropical Screech-Owl, White-tailed Nightjar, and other fascinating denizens of the dark.

Trinidad and Tobago cocoa pods growing at Asa Wright Nature Centre Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago cocoa beans at Asa Wright Nature Centre Trinidad

The cuisine at the Centre includes many delicious local specialties, served buffet style. Traditional afternoon tea is served, often enlivened by the anvil-like chorus of Bearded Bellbirds from the valley below. Before each savory dinner, guests enjoy a complimentary rum punch on the veranda. The Centre grows its own excellent coffee and cocoa on the estate.

While based at AWNC we will explore northern, eastern, western, and central Trinidad, including Morne Bleu, Blanchisseuse Road, small villages in the Northern Range, the vast herbaceous Nariva Swamp, mangrove-populated Caroni Swamp, and savannahs such as the former U.S. military base Waller Field and the Aripo Savanna. On our excursions we travel in a safe, comfortable, air-conditioned maxi-taxi.